What is Telehealth?

LifeStance Health offers telehealth appointments in which our clinicians provide care through online video conferencing. Patients can book both telepsychiatry and teletherapy appointments with our providers. Our telehealth services are secure, effective, and convenient. 

As telehealth is relatively new in mental healthcare, we know that many people have questions about this service. Below are answers to some of the most common questions, and we encourage you to contact us if you have further questions.

Video Sessions are covered by insurance!

What are the Benefits of Telehealth in Mental Healthcare?

Many people find that telehealth appointments allow them to attend mental health appointments with more regularity, which leads to better patient outcomes. In mental healthcare, patients often require fairly frequent appointments, but it’s often difficult to get to a clinic location. For many people, telehealth makes it easier to attend every appointment.

Telehealth can also help a patient’s full support system get together and understand their roles in the person’s recovery. Our expert clinicians can use telehealth conferencing to speak to patients alongside other members of the support team, including family, friends, teachers, medical providers, and social workers.

Does Telehealth Work for Mental Health Treatment?

Research shows that people who get mental healthcare through telehealth visits recover at least as well as those who only utilize in-person office visits. In some cases, patients fared better with online appointments because they were able to attend appointments with more consistency. 

At LifeStance Health, we know that every person has unique needs. That’s why we allow you to customize your treatment plan and choose between telehealth-only, in-office only, or blended visits. If you’re wondering whether telehealth works for you, you can always try it to see what you think, then adjust your plan accordingly.

What Type of Device Do I Need to Telehealth Visits?

Most laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones made in the past several years will work with our secure telehealth software. You can connect with Apple, Windows, Amazon Fire, Google, or Android devices. Be sure your device is updated and runs one of the following browsers:

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Safari

  • IE Edge

  • IE 11

  • Internet Browser

If you have any questions about whether your device will work, please reach out to your clinic location.

Are Telehealth Visits Covered By Insurance?

Most insurance providers provide the same coverage for telehealth appointments as they would for comparable in-office visits. However, some plans may still refuse to cover telehealth visits, as this is up to the insurance provider. LifeStance Health accepts almost all major insurance plans, but we encourage telehealth patients to check with their insurance companies about telehealth coverage before their appointments.

Can I Still Have In-Person Appointments as Well?

At LifeStance Health, we offer both online and in-office appointments. As a patient, you may choose between these options for each appointment. If you start as a telehealth patient and decide you want an in-person appointment, simply tell the staff member who schedules your appointment.

Will Telehealth Keep My Information Safe?

We take every precaution to keep your health and personal information safe with telehealth appointments. Our secure teleconferencing software complies with HIPAA guidelines and encrypts all data.