Industrial/Organizational Psychology

LifeStance Health’s industrial/organizational services focus primarily on the needs of small- to mid-size companies. Our experts work closely with your organization’s senior management team to develop programs that address the HR and personnel needs specific to your employee population, leadership style and business structure.

LifeStance Health’s psychological consultants have assessed, trained and coached thousands of employees, supervisors, and executives, from small start-ups to large global corporations. Our experience and knowledge base help companies:

• Hire honest, reliable, world-class employees
• Train and develop high-performing workers, managers and teams
• Lead, motivate and retain an engaged, diverse, and multi-generational workforce
• Design and implement company-specific, legal HR policies and procedures

Our goal is to provide the top-quality assessment tools and consulting services you need to maximize performance, growth and profitability. You’ll benefit from LifeStance Health's due diligence as our research uncovers the best-in-class instruments, products and resources you need to build productivity and thrive, even in uncertain economic times like the present.

To learn more, call us today for a free consultation. LifeStance Health looks forward to meeting and speaking with you about the personal, team and organizational challenges you face, and partnering with your company to move your business forward!

For more information about  Industrial/Organizational Psychology at LifeStance Health, please call 844.468.5050.