Forensic Consulting

The forensic psychiatrists and psychologists at LifeStance Health interface between mental health and criminal and civil law, assisting with criminal proceedings, civil commitment, Workers' Compensation and personal injury evaluations, malpractice, and Federal court cases.

All forensic psychiatric and psychological services at LifeStance Health are obtained directly by your attorney, rather than by you: your attorney will personally contact and retain an expert. An hourly fee is paid by you or your attorney, and sometimes requires the approval of a judge. The hourly fee includes record review, psychological/ neuropsychological testing, psychiatric clinical interview, preparation for testimony, deposition, and live court testimony. Forensic psychology services use specialized psychological instruments and techniques to answer legal questions. All psychological and psychiatric services strive to be balanced and fair.

LifeStance Health forensic psychiatrists and psychologists can assist with:

  • Criminal Proceedings: Psychiatric and psychological evaluations can assist the court in all phases of criminal proceedings. These services must first be approved by a criminal court judge. Services provided include:
    • Determination of competency: to stand trial, plead guilty, waive one’s right to an attorney, or refuse an insanity defense
    • Determination of mental state at time of the offense (e.g., not guilty by reason of insanity)
    • Determination of sentencing, including death penalty mitigation
  • Civil Commitment: Psychiatrists and psychologists also play an important role in civil commitment and the prediction of dangerousness to both self and others.
  • Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Evaluations: Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) for Workers' Compensation are performed for various industrial injuries. Personal injury evaluations are also performed.
  • Medical and Psychological Malpractice: Our team can serve as an expert in determination of the quality of professional psychiatric and psychological services provided and determine if standards of care were met.
  • Federal Courts:  Psychiatrists and psychologists often are involved in anti-discrimination and entitlement law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the determination of disability for Social Security.
  • Child Custody and Other Juvenile Services: Experts in child custody evaluations are obtained by your attorneys, with the approval of the judge. Juvenile Court evaluations for determination of child abuse and neglect and juvenile delinquency are also performed.

For more information about Forensic Consulting at LifeStance Health, please call 844.468.5050.