The Treatment Outcome Package

What is the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP)?

The Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) is a complete, multi-dimensional assessment tool for clinicians to gain valuable information about patient health, progress made in mental health care over time, and concrete data to consider their practice as a whole. TOP is normed to the US population and compares patients taking the TOP with the general population on a wide range of symptoms including strength and pathology.

Over the course of their time with us, our patients can complete the Treatment Outcomes Package (TOP) before, during and at the end of treatment, which provides clinicians with a multi-dimensional assessment showing the patient’s strengths, needs and progress. Using this information in collaboration with our patients, our clinicians can provide better services tailored to patients’ needs. When empowered with information about their own care, patients can clearly see their progress.

What are the Benefits of Outcomes Data?

We seek to ensure that when patients come for treatment they are able to accomplish their goals. Our outcomes data demonstrates that our patients improve over the course of their treatment with our clinicians. Using the outcomes data, we can see that our clinicians are successful in treating depression, improving patients’ quality of life, decreasing substance abuse, improving sleep and many other areas.

Outcomes data can also help us match our patients with the best possible provider to meet their needs. Using the outcomes measurements, we can identify areas in which a clinician is most effective. Then, when patients call in seeking specific services, we can match them to clinicians who have been proven to be successful in those areas.

Outcomes data is one important way LifeStance Health continuously provides a quality patient experience in a supportive and empowering environment.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Shows progress in achieving goals
  • Improvement over time can be empowering to patients
  • Matching patients to best fit provider based on TOP data

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Each treating clinician receives real time data for their patients over the course of treatment
  • Provides screening data to assess for risk
  • Demonstrates treatment effectiveness and progress toward goals

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