Lynn Rosenzweig-Hensley PsyD

Lynn Rosenzweig Hensley is a licensed psychologist and member of the Kentucky Psychological Association. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lycoming College, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Spalding University. For the past 20 years, Dr. Hensley has worked in multiple settings including higher education, outpatient, residential, military/VA, and community-based programs. She prides herself on using her vast knowledge and advanced trainings to create an individual treatment plan for each client, adapting treatment approaches to the specific needs and personality of each person.  Services include individual, group, couples, and family psychotherapy with children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Dr. Hensley also provides psychological testing across the lifespan (children-seniors) to answer academic, achievement, cognitive, developmental, or personality questions. While Dr. Hensley works with numerous conditions and situations, she is especially passionate about adjustment difficulties, depression, grief, trauma, LGBTI, and women’s health issues. 

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