Online resources for mental health counselors

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Online resources for mental health counselors

There are many online resources for mental health professionals including articles, webinars, videos, podcasts and worksheets for clients. Below are some web sites that offer resources that may be helpful for your practice!

  • Offers over 300 videos covering a wide range of modalities, theoretical approaches and populations
  • Offers videos designed for clients

Therapist Aid

  • Offers free worksheets that you can give to your clients
  • Videos (some free), guides and articles are also available
  • Great resource for therapists who like to provide homework

  • Many Ted talks cover issues related to mental, physical and emotional health
  • May be helpful as homework for a client


  • Promotes ethical principles of therapy
  • Access to continuing education, therapy news and information, resources related to ethics and power dynamics in therapy
  • Online directories giving members referrals and other benefits to help them promote their practice

Mind Science Foundation

  • Link for recommended reading: lists books that mental health counselors may find interesting and links to purchase them
  • Lots of free videos about a range of topics
  • Mindmatters blog and podcast series

Young Minds Advocacy

  • Non-profit organization designed to address unmet mental health needs of young people  
  • Informative blog and a resource page for youth and families, advocates, policy-makers and mental health professionals  
  • Resources for youth and families: includes link to guides on knowing the symptoms of a mental illness, mental health conditions and data on children's  mental health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Large national grassroots mental health organization dedicated to addressing mental illness
  • Fact sheet library offers printable infographics on a variety of topics that clinicians can give to their clients
  • Many services are available nationally

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Offers data and statistics by topic
  • Tools and resources include health-related studies

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