Tips for a sober season

Tips for a sober season

Here are some tips on how to enjoy a sober holiday season.

  • Practice an attitude of gratitude. Throw out your resentments! Be thankful for the gifts you have received -- food, clothing and shelter, family and friends, your health and welfare.  Appreciate the little things in life -- birds on the wire, the scent of pine, a white poinsettia, children playing.
  • Remember it's the first drink that gets you drunk. Try ginger ale -- you may enjoy it!
  • Think, think, think...about your surroundings, about your behavior, about the consequences of drinking in the given circumstance -- before you indulge.
  • You are not alone--use the telephone, make an escape plan. If Plan A is an anxiety provoking situation, always have a Plan B. Text or call a friend, make sure you know how to get out of a difficult situation.
  • HALT -- don't be too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  Don't let the busy-ness of the season overtake you.  Remember to eat, sleep, and communicate your feelings to be merry!
  • Stay away from places or gatherings that could mean trouble. It's totally okay to say no or leave early.
  • Trying to please everyone is a sure-fire formula for failure. 
  • Have fun!  Take time to celebrate your life.