The best Mothers' Day gift

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The best Mothers' Day gift

Not sure what to get your mom for Mothers' Day this year? Why not give her the gift of your time? Time is often described as the most precious gift of all.

Here are some ideas to make this Mothers' Day the best ever for you and your mom:

  • Present her with a coupon for a day of your undivided attention doing whatever she would like to do. She may want to do nothing more than go to lunch and take a drive in the park, but the focus should be on what she wants to do. Spending time with your mom creates memories and can build better communication with her throughout the year.
  • Pick up a gift certificate or Groupon for an activity you will both enjoy.  Perhaps a wine and painting event, time at the spa or tickets to a concert or play. Again, the true gift will be the time spent creating memories you can revisit forever.
  • Bring mom her favorite dessert and spend time reminiscing about your favorite childhood memories and have her tell you about some of her own childhood memories. This is a great way to learn more about your mother and to focus on the positive parts of your relationship.  
  • Think about some of the things you did together when you were a kid and recreate those memories. Was there a favorite book she would read to you over and over? Was there a special movie or TV show you would watch together?  The emotional value of recreating those special times will show her how much you appreciate them now.
  • Did your mom teach you secret family recipes or bake cookies that filled the kitchen with delicious aromas?  Why not make those recipes with your mom and perhaps include your children if you have any. What better way to show your mom how important these traditions were to you by passing them along to the next generation.
  • Since Mothers' Day coincides with the beginning of spring, help her plant a garden. Doing the work together will enable her to enjoy her garden all summer and she’ll think of you every time she looks at it.   
  • Make a craft together. Work on a quilt or blanket together or even design beaded necklaces. Whatever the craft, the important point is that you and your mother will have a lasting memento that represents your special time with one another.
  • If your mom is a bit adventuresome, perhaps she’ll be open to getting a makeover with you. Getting a new hairdo, makeup or clothes isn’t only fun, it can be a real self-esteem booster for the both of you.  

Time is a gift worth sharing and no matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s about sharing special times with your mom.   

Thanks to Jeany Tri for her assistance with this list.