Spring is in the air!

Mental Health and Wellness
Spring is in the air!

People react differently to changing seasons. Some become more optimistic, think more clearly and handle problems more effectively as spring commences. However, for some people it may be more difficult because any type of transition is challenging. You may feel more vulnerable and struggle with seasonal changes, or you may be able to process the harshness of a Cleveland winter and demonstrate resiliency.

Seasonal transitions can also impact relationships -- with your spouse, your children, your colleagues at work. People may become more willing to change as their mood elevates, resulting in less stress, feeling mentally supported and displaying an enhanced sense of well-being.

During seasonal transitions, it is a good time to re-examine your priorities and to take the opportunity to improve relationships and family communication. Use this time to change negative habits and attitudes.

Spring is also a great time to become more aware of nature. Instead of staying home and relying on television and the internet for entertainment, why not enjoy the seasonal changes and spend real time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the nature!