Pokemon Go: the latest digital craze

Your Child and Teen
Pokemon Go: the latest digital craze

Pokemon Go is a new app that has been out for a very short time and has captured the attention of young adults, teens, and children across America.  Pokemon Go is a new style of game, one that is referred to as augmented reality, where the player uses his or her smart phone to play games that have digital content connected to objects and locations in the real world.

Should parents be worried? Or should we encourage our kids to play along?

As with all digital technology, the answer is mixed and really depends on your child. While there have been reports of accidents and other problems, and people playing Pokemon Go in inappropriate places, there are also some early indicators that suggest games like Pokemon Go can help those who struggle with depression and other mental health issues.

Whenever you make any decision about technology as a parent, be sure to take into account your child’s age and level of responsibility. Most of all, be sure to talk with your kids about how to make a decision. Because Pokemon Go won’t be around forever, but our digital world will be. The earlier kids become comfortable making informed decisions about digital technology, the more successful they are bound to be in the 21st century.