No ties, please

Your Family
No ties, please

Father's’ Day is celebrated around the world.  A father's role can be more complicated than a mother's role. Therefore Fathers’ Day can be more difficult to celebrate in the way that is right for you and your dad.

What does your father like to do? Does he like to watch sports, go fishing or maybe just relax? Then do these things with him. Don't just buy him tickets to a ball game, go with him. Set up a picnic at one of his favorite places and be sure to bring cards or games to play.

What does your father mean to you? Get out the family photographs and go through them with your dad. Talk about the trips and favorite things that you remember. Both of you can share funny anecdotes or maybe share different memories of the same event.

For a different approach,  share things that you like to do with your dad. Take him to a yoga class with you. (Caution: it may need to be a beginner’s class.) Or you can arrange for him to get a massage. How about a mani-pedi? Nail polish is optional.

Fathers’ Day can be complicated because for a variety of reasons, your father may no longer be in your life. Write him a letter. Make it a real letter, just like you would write if you were actually going to send it. Tell him about yourself and what you are doing. Also, tell him what you miss by his absence.

Lastly, a tie is fine for Father's Day as long as it has the logo of his favorite sports team on it.