Managing During the Pandemic

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Stay connected with others.

This time can feel very isolating. Staying connected with your friends, family and co-workers such as through Skype, Facetime, email, text or phone can be very helpful. Even playing games with friends online can be fun. Remember we are social creatures so do your best to stay connected with others.


Get out in nature. You can’t catch COVID-19 from trees.

Balance planning for the future with being in the present

No one knows what will happen in the coming weeks or month. While it is important to reasonably plan, focusing on the here and now can help with anxiety about an uncertain future.

Learn to be Mindfulness

There are several free courses on mindfulness and meditation. These are often short videos or auditory teachings about mindfulness. 

Relieve your Boredom

Learn something new, do some crafting, have a movie marathon, do those home repairs you keep meaning to get to, begin writing that novel you always wanted to write, discover a new podcast, listen to an audiobook, play board games. The list is endless but the challenge is to do it!

Create and Stick to a Schedule

Adhering to a schedule can help you feel more in control and a reminder of a what a typical day feels. Include waking up and going to bed at a set time, regular meals, meetings or other obligations, time for social interaction, exercising/daily walk, and then add other free-time activities.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Make sure you get moving especially for those you are working on computers much of the day. Get out and walk, watch an exercise video or do stretching exercises.  Anything to get moving beyond trips to the refrigerator.

Develop coping skills to manage your anxiety

Anxiety over the coronavirus is rampant especially if you already struggle with anxiety. 

Distracting yourself

Doing things that distract you away from your anxious thoughts can be very useful. Playing a game on your phone, chatting with a friend, or listening to music can all be things you do to distract yourself. 

Soothing yourself

Doing things that soothe you such as taking a bath, lighting candles, or drinking a warm beverage can ease the stress that sits in your body. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can also be a way to soothe your anxiety. 

Managing your thoughts

Reframing your thoughts to be more realistic and positive so you don’t spiral further down into anxiety is key.    


For Others

We are all under tremendous stress and feeling the anxiety of the unknown. During these times, we make mistakes, are irritable or short tempered. Remembering to have compassion for those around you can go along way to staying connected. 

For Ourselves

Don’t forget to have self-compassion. Many are juggling working and child rearing duties, coping with living alone, or managing pre-existing issues, you may not feel you are your “best self” but have compassion that you are doing the best you can under these difficult circumstances. At the end of the day, think back about one positive thing you did today. 


Limit watching media about the pandemic to decrease being bombarded by information. Monitor your sources of information and pick several that are trustworthy. Instead of checking your phone or social media obsessively for new notifications, have specific times you check on updates or register for alerts from your state’s Department of Health.

Keep Your Therapy and Psychiatric Appointment

Our clinicians have moved to telehealth. Now you can have your therapy session in the comfort and safety of your own home. Check out our website for instructions about how to do this and/or contact your provider.    

Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy!