Limericks, leprechauns and lucky charms

Limericks, leprechauns and lucky charms

St. Patrick’s Day represents the celebration of Irish culture and proud traditions. However through the years, it also has become synonymous with alcohol consumption, making it an especially difficult holiday for those in recovery.  Fortunately, there are alternatives that will enable you to create new memories and personal traditions without the green beer.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your St. Patrick's Day:

  • Create a new tradition.  Making new traditions is a helpful way to equate the holiday with something other than just drinking.  One idea is to hunt for the most delicious corned beef sandwich in town.

  • Enjoy Irish culture through shopping.  Various Irish shops carry jewelry, novelty items and more. Or simply pick up a Celtic CD and enjoy music at home with friends.  Focusing on new ways to spend your time and trying new things will help distract you from temptations to drink.    
  • Celebrate with like-minded others.  Surrounding yourself with those who support your sobriety will help you stay clear of relapsing. Discover Sober St. Patrick's Day, which is an event that delivers fun for those in recovery. 

  • Finally, staying sober on a holiday that glorifies drinking can be difficult, and so you may want to attend an AA meeting just for some added security. Remember, you are not alone in your dedication to sobriety. Here's how to find local meetings in your area.