In-Person or Online Therapy? Choose Both

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 In-Person or Online Therapy? Choose Both

Technology has made significant advancements in recent decades, making it easier for people to connect than ever before. These advancements have affected every industry, including health care, where telehealth has become part of the norm. People can connect to doctors from the comfort of their home and even get the prescription medication they need. 

Although it may surprise some people, online therapy - or teletherapy - has been one of the sectors leading to push for telehealth. While some people feel comfortable using online communication to work through mental health issues, others may not feel that way. When it comes to choosing a therapist, it’s best to choose a professional who offers both in-person and online therapy. 

The PBC Model of Mental Health Care

There’s no doubt that teletherapy gives more people access to therapy. Furthermore, online therapy makes the service more convenient for patients. On the other hand, in-office therapy facilitates a healthy connection between the therapist and patient that some people find hard to create online. 

PBC offers both online and in-person appointments so that our patients can choose which benefits they need and when. Each time a patient books an appointment with one of our providers, they determine whether telehealth or an in-office visit would suit them best. This model allows for maximum flexibility and continuous care.

Get to Know Your Therapist

When a therapist offers both in-person and online appointments, patients can get the best of both worlds. Many people choose in-person meetings for the first session or more. This allows the provider and patient to establish a healthy relationship and connection. Once the patient feels ready, they can switch to online visits for increased convenience. 

Access a Team of Qualified Clinicians

At PBC, our therapists are all part of our network of mental health care providers. Each therapist works in a clinic with other professionals, such as psychiatrists and advanced nurse practitioners. This allows them to connect you with additional help if you need it. 

For example, if you and your therapist decide that psychiatric care may be in your best interest, they can refer you to someone they know personally and trust. Then, your therapist and the other provider make a comprehensive mental health care team that helps you.

Schedule the Type of Appointment You Need 

With each appointment you make, you may have different needs. For example, you may want to talk about a particular topic or work through something in your past. Furthermore, you may have a particularly busy week or be unable to get to the office. Therapists who have both in-person and online appointment options allow you to be flexible in the kind of care you get. 

Do you usually have online appointments but need a little extra connection to work through something particularly difficult? Book an in-person appointment. Do you typically see your therapist in the office, but you will be out-of-town one week? No problem, just schedule that appointment for a telehealth visit. 

This flexibility makes PBC unique and gives our patients improved mental health outcomes. They get the care they need in whatever way they need it. If you want to get started with one of our licensed therapists, contact us today.