Protect yourself from the emotional vampire

Protect yourself from the emotional vampire

Do you have an emotional vampire sucking the life out of you?

Often when we think of vampires, we think of frightful creatures with protruding fangs or even sexy vampires who shimmer in the sunlight. But what is an emotional vampire?

An emotional vampire is a person who drains the emotional energy out of you, which leaves you feeling exhausted or worse after you see them. They lurk as needy relatives, workplace bullies or complain-loving friends. They can make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, angry or fatigued.

People who are emotional vampires may do things like:

  • Turn the topic of conversation to themselves no matter what you are talking about

  • Redirect attention to themselves if the focus isn’t on them

  • Persistently criticize everything and complain constantly

  • Believe their needs are more important than others' needs

  • Feel the need to endlessly talk

  • Seek drama and often love to gossip

  • Take no responsibility for their behavior

  • Need  incessant validation

  • Emit negativity that bring others down

Garlic around your neck won’t defend you, but here are some ways to protect yourself from the emotional vampires in your life:

  • Set clear boundaries with them. Do not allow them to trample on your feelings

  • Control your emotions by remaining calm. Do not become reactive to their criticism

  • Become more assertive by demanding more solutions rather than complaints from them

  • Kill them with kindness. It sucks the power from their pessimism

  • Spend time with uplifting people who energize you

  • Let go of the relationship or decrease the time you spend with them if they do not change their discouraging ways

So become an emotional vampire slayer by not allowing the energy of these negative people to affect you. Focus on your positive energy and you will find that is your best defense against their life-sucking behaviors.