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Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Some research suggests that as many as 85 percent of people struggle with low self-esteem. If you think negative, unhealthy things about yourself, you’re certainly not alone. If you struggle to build your confidence, you may have heard that affirmations can help. Though it feels awkward at first, reciting positive affirmations to yourself often can improve your mental health in many ways. It’s one way to create a healthy self...

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In-Person or Online Therapy? Choose Both

Mental Health and Wellness
 In-Person or Online Therapy? Choose Both

​Technology has made significant advancements in recent decades, making it easier for people to connect than ever before. These advancements have affected every industry, including health care, where telehealth has become part of the norm. People can connect to doctors from the comfort of their home and even get the prescription medication they need.

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