5 apps to help you reduce stress

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5 apps to help you reduce stress

Due to the increasing demands of everyday life, many of us are experiencing more and more stress. Stress can affect our mental and physical health in many ways including muscle tension, problems sleeping and feeling overwhelmed. Although there is no quick fix for stress, mobile technology can help us manage it. You may have had a stress management device in your pocket all along!

The five apps listed below provide some helpful resources for relaxation, tracking thoughts and developing new healthier habits.   

  • Pacifica: This app offers simple steps to learn and practice deep breathing, muscle relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques. It also allows you to set goals and track progress toward reducing stress. The app addresses your frequency of exercise and caffeine use that impact stress management. It allows you to join chat groups for additional support. This app also has a thought log feature that allows you to increase awareness of thinking patterns that can influence your stress level.

  • Relax Melodies: This app provides sounds and melodies to aid in falling asleep or relaxing. It also allows you to create your own relaxing mix. There is access to a blog that offers suggestions from experts about ways to improve your health. 

  • Colorfly: Adult coloring books have had a surge in popularity and for good reason! This relaxation trend allows us to focus on the present moment and increase a sense of calm. It is great for a healthy distraction.

  • Anti-Stress Quotes: This app provides empowering, inspiring quotes geared toward helping you overcome worries and manage stress. Through the use of wise anti-stress quotes, it helps to increase awareness of the powerful impact of positive thoughts.

  • Happify: This app offers games and activities based on scientific research to increase happiness and help reduce stress and negative thinking patterns. It encourages you to focus on changing your thinking through activities that build gratitude and self-esteem by increasing your awareness of positive qualities and good things in your life. It also works to increase happiness by building on your personal strengths and improving relationships.

These are a few suggestions to get you started on using apps for stress management. Any apps geared toward improving sleep, changing your thinking, increasing relaxation, building healthy habits and positive distraction can be great tools for stress relief.